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2013-2014 Board Of Directors

Tricia Hager Seminar Chairperson

Ambassador Year: 2002
High School: Pleasant Hope High School
College: University of Central Missouri - BS in Psychology - 2004
Job in real life: University of Missouri - Kansas City - Counseling Psychology PhD student and Academic Advisor - College of Arts & Sciences - UMKC
Previously Held Seminar Positions: JuFa - 2003-2004, Assistant to the Chairperson/Vice Chariperson - 2004-2010, Chairperson - 2011
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Seeing the change that comes across in the ambassadors over a three-day period; it's remarkable to see how much they grow in such a short amount of time and what they learn about themselves as individuals!
Trivia About Tricia: Coming soon...
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: MLS!

Jimmy Hart
Co-Vice Chairperson

Ambassador Year: 1998
Seminar Nickname:Jambo
High School: St Marys High School (KS)
College: The University of Tulsa
Job in real life: Public Relations Coordinator at Rogers State University
Previously Held Seminar Positions:SuFa
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Warm Fuzzies
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Youth sports

Maria Holt
Co-Vice Chairperson

Ambassador Year: 2004
High School: Southern Boone County R-1
College: Mizzou - Business Management.
Job In Real Life: Marketing Coordinator for EPIC Systems, Inc. St. Louis, MO.
Previously Held Seminar Positions: JuFa, SuFa, Director of Programs
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Knowing all the ambassadors will go home from seminar with a changed outlook and in turn change their schools & communities for the better.
Trivia About Maria: I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones. GERM better publish a new one soon!
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Donating platelets - I try to donate every couple of weeks. I have a high platelet count and can usually give a triple donation in one sitting. Being able to save someone's life is a precious gift to be able to give!

Taylor Rutledge
Reporting Board Secretary & Seminar Webmaster

Ambassador Year: 2007
High School: Lamar High School
College: Evangel University
Job in real life: 5th Grade Teacher
Previously Held Seminar Positions: JuFa 2009-2010, SuFa 2011-2013, BOD Secretary 2011
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Meeting other leaders who share the same excitements and frustrations
Trivia About Taylor: In 2012 I convinced my little sister, Tinsley, to attend MLS. She came because I pressured her, but ended up having an amazing time. We now travel to MLS stuff together and have a stronger bond despite our 5 year age difference.
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Summer camp activities

Lindsey Baumeister
Director of Finance

Ambassador Year: 2009
High School: Crest Ridge High School
College: University of Missouri --Kansas City
Seminar Nickname: The Baumeister
Job in real life: Associate at American Eagle Outfitters
Previously Held Seminar Positions: Treasurer, Director of Grants, Assistant Director of Alumni, Assistant Moderator, Moderator
Favorite Thing About Seminar: When things finally fall into place and the ambassadors realize that they can make friends, and true friends, when they let go of their inhibitions.
Trivia About Lindsey: I collect comic books!
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Every year I participate in shop with a cop in my home town. We take 20 kids from troubled families and allow them to spend $200 on Christmas presents for themselves. They are required to buy needs like socks, coats, and toothbrushes, but are also allowed to buy toys for themselves and even small things for mom, dad, and siblings. Police officers from the city volunteer their time to spend a few hours with these kids. Most times it is the only positive view of an officer that the kid will ever have.

Nii Abrahams
Director of Public Relations

Seminar Nickname: Big Nii
Ambassador Year: 2008
High School:Carl Junction
College:Missouri State Univeristy- Communication with Emphasis in Ethical Leadership/ Sociology minor
Job in real life: Student- Student Orientation Leader, Career Center employee, MSU tour guide
Previously Held Seminar Positions: PMA JuFa 2009, Moderator understudy 2010, Moderator 2011, Moderator and Assistant Alumni Director Springfield area 2012
Favorite Thing About Seminar: The family atmosphere. I love adding new members to our family every year!
Trivia About Nii: I secretly want to be a Disney Channel Star/ Be in a boyband
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Working the optimist dinners and events are a blast. Speaking with older adults on their experiences and sharing with them yours, is quite an insightful and unique opportunity!

Rachel White
Director of Recruitment and Travel and Co-Director of Operations

Ambassador Year: 2003
High School: Tarkio High School
College: Baylor University, B.S. in Forensic Science & Biology (2009); University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, M.S. in Forensic Genetics (2011)
Job In Real Life: Forensic Scientist
Previously Held Seminar Positions: JuFa 2004 - 2006, Director of Recruitment 2007 - Present, Co-Director of Operations 2008 - Present
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Reuniting with some of my best friends!
Trivia About Rachel: I have absolutely no balance and can't even ride a bike.
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: I love volunteering with my church, especially vacation Bible school. The little kids are such a joy to work with!

Katie Gonzales
Assistant to Director of Recruitment

Trent Hoover
Co-Director of Operations

Ambassador Year: 2011
High School: Brookfield High School
College: Truman State University
Job In Real Life: Student
Previously Held Seminar Positions: Ops JuFa
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Seeing potential leaders come in, and after three short days, leave as true leaders and strong individuals that are ready to lead and change the world with M.L.S.'s principles in mind.
Trivia About Trent: I watch Food Network and like cooking
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Volunteering at my local food pantry. Seeing the expressions on the faces of the people who truly appreciate what we do for them keeps me coming back!

Trisha Daugherty
Co-Coordinator "Dinner With a Pro"

High School: Kingsville High School
Job In Real Life: Cosmetologist/Salon Owner
Previously Held Seminar Positions: Group JuFa/SuFa and BOD member
Favorite Thing About Seminar: I love everything about the seminar!
Trivia About Trisha: I can lick my own elbow :)
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Other than seminar, I love working with Alex's Lemonade and Animal's Best Friends

Kristin Imhoff
Co-Coordinator "Dinner With a Pro"

Ambassador Year: 2007
Seminar Nickname:Kapn' Krazy Kristen
High School: California High School
College: Mizzou
Job In Real Life: Going to grad school at UMKC full-time and continuing the job hunt in the mean time
Previously Held Seminar Positions: PMA Jufa, Sufa
Favorite Thing About Seminar: The Diversity Panel!
Trivia About Kristin: I've been to Burkina Faso, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. I love traveling!
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: My favorite past volunteer opportunity was at the orphanage in Africa. However, I love getting involved with social work student organizations on campus because they present diverse opportunites ranging from book drives, Relay for Life, serving food, and doing food drives.

Jessica Holt
Director of Programs


Seminar Nickname:
Ambassador Year: 2007
High School: Coming soon...
College: Coming soon...
Job in real life: Coming soon...
Previously Held Seminar Positions: Jufa 2008-2011 and sufa 2011-2013
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Coming soon...
Trivia About Jessica: Coming soon...
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Coming soon...

Jessica Barszczak
Assistant to Director of Programs

Zach Thompson
Director of Staff


Ambassador Year: 2008
Seminar Nickname: Zach Attack
High School: Southwest Livingston
College: Mizzou
Job in real life: Student
Previously Held Seminar Positions: Jufa 2009-2010, SuJufa 2011, Assistant director of alumni 2011-2012
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Seeing a change for the better in peoples lives
Trivia About Zach: If I pressed play on my itunes and just left it alone, it would play for over a week straight
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: MLS/Optimist Fireworks Stand; It's always a lot of fun!

Ralph Howe
Optimist Representative

Ralph joined the Board of Directors as a liaison between MLS and the West Missouri Optimist District in 1999. Ralph’s primary mission has been to educate Optimist clubs of MLS’ purpose and potential for high school sophomore students, in addition to assisting with securing sponsorship monies for nominated students. Many Optimist clubs wish to know who their local student attending MLS is, so that they can contact the student and parents to attend a club meeting following their seminar experience. Ralph has attended countless West Missouri District Optimist functions and meetings to ensure the continued support of MLS and has taken the lead on many alumni based fundraisers throughout the years.

Garrett Hill
Director of Grants and Corporate Donations

Theresa Gaul
Co-Director of Alumni

Amanda Klopcic
Co-Director of Alumni

Ambassador Year: 2011
High School: Clopton High School
College: Truman State University
Job in real life: Lifeguard and student
Previously Held Seminar Positions: PMA JuFa
Favorite Thing About Seminar: Friends and experiences
Trivia About Amanda: Coming soon...
Favorite Volunteer Opportunity: Relay for Life

Kori Quinn
Co Director of Alumni

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